Anonymous asked: If circumstances had been different, do you think Jaime might have made a good father? Whether he’s comforting Tommen, having a heart to heart with Loras, or giving fatherly advice to his young squires, he seems to enjoy spending time with children and it seems to bring out the best in him.

Oh, definitely.  Jaime was never allowed to parent his children, and it plainly shows in the restraint he has to show around them.  For what it’s worth, he does make Tommen’s safety his #1 priority upon return to KL, albeit it’s displacing those fraternal instincts.  

“You should have died before you let Tommen be taken.“  – Jaime VIII, ASOS

At the same time, Jaime seems to have severed his connection emotionally to Tommen; protecting him has become his #1 not because of guilt over never being able to parent him, but guilt in being named Kingslayer, and failing to protect his last King, Joffrey. 

Jaime watched from the foot of the table, thinking of all those lords who aspired to a seat on the king’s small council. They can bloody well have mine. If this was power, why did it taste like tedium? He did not feel especially powerful, watching Tommen dip his quill in the inkpot again. He felt bored. – Jaime IX, ASOS

“He is my seed. He’s never called me Father. No more than Joffrey ever did. You warned me a thousand times never to show any undue interest in them.” “To keep them safe! You as well. How would it have looked if my brother had played the father to the king’s children? Even Robert might have grown suspicious.” – Jaime IX, ASOS

“Be my Hand,” she pleaded, “and we’ll rule the Seven Kingdoms together, like a king and his queen.” “You were Robert’s queen. And yet you won’t be mine.” “I would, if I dared. But our son—” “Tommen is no son of mine, no more than Joffrey was.” His voice was hard. “You made them Robert’s too.” – Jaime I, AFFC

After Joffrey’s fate, in both becoming the salt of the earth and also in dying poisoned at his own feast, where Jaime was not, Jaime knew better than to attach himself to the other two that remained, and he’d been telling himself for years already that he could keep no affection for them.  I would say Jaime thinks of Tommen as a King first, and a son later – when Tommen cries at Tywin’s funeral, Jaime thinks of his reputation and hold on the crown as king before his emotions and comforting him.

So it’s tricky, really.  Were Jaime a completely different person in completely different circumstances, then of course he’d be a wonderful parent. I mean, besides the throwing a kid out of the tower thing, maybe we would reset that, too. 

But, you could say this about many of the characters in ASOIAF – most of the parents do possess somewhere within them a grain of aptitude in parenting, much like most humans do. The problem is just they’re surrounded by traumatic events and buried in layers of grief (and in a few cases, like this one, incest.)

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