THE DISHONORABLE STARK (and who it’s not)

Anonymous asked: I saw you saying Benjen Stark and Ashara Dayne would be impossible on twitter, but I feel like Benjen is still old enough to be in the running for which Stark dishonored her. Can you explain

*stretches, cracks neck and knuckles* why, I would … love … to explain! 

If you’ve seen my Ashara Dayne Age Calculation in PI of my Ashara piece, I did some pretty thorough google-sheets tabling (which is my favorite thing in the entire world, besides Ashara Dayne, may I add).  If we backtrack Ashara’s age through Tourney at Harrenhal/Martell Visit/GRRM stating she would be in her thirties were she alive in 299-300 AC (SSM), we kind of have a rough guess at her age range.


that would look roughly like:

  • 260 AC:  21 at Tourney at Harrenhal, 13 at Martells visiting Starfall, 23 at ‘death’.
  • 265 AC: 16 at Tourney at Harrenhal, at Martells visiting Starfall, 18 at ‘death’.
  • 270 AC: 11 at Tourney at Harrenhal, at Martells visiting Starfall, 13 at ‘death’.

Following Oberyn’s idea that ‘a difference of 5-6 years is little enough’ (Tyrion X ASOS) -and Oberyn was 15-16 at the time of visiting House Dayne, looking for a match – Ashara was probably about 10-11 when the Martells visited, putting her birth around 263-262 AC, her age 18-19 at the Tourney at Harrenhal (aligning with Ned’s age in 263 AC) and her icy-cold ‘plunge’ to the bottom of the summer sea at about 20-21 years old.

If Lyanna Stark was born in 266 or 267 AC (16 at death in 283 AC, 14 Tourney), that means that Benjen had to be born in 267 or later.  Like, physically. Had to be born.  So we sit at the Tourney at Harrenhal, with Lyanna, 14/15, Benjen, the “young pup” (Bran II ASOS) at oldest 13, Howland give/take around 16 (GRRM SSM), Ned 18, Brandon 19, and Ashara around 17/18.

If Ashara were dishonored by a man, and that man were a Stark – which I’m not wholly convinced that she was, but that’s another topic for Pt. II and III of my Ashara pieces that are definitely coming soon stay tuned folks – it is not very likely she would have gone for the young pup.  

Do I think Benjen has a clue about R+L=J? Absolutely.  15/16 when Ned returns home with Jon in 283 and a sudden want to serve with the bravest of men guarding the realm?  The men who have songs sung of their chivalry and bravery daily, and the King and Queen currently rain down riches and toast to their health upon? The place where men literally go as a last-resort to living?

 Yeaaaaah, Benjen saw the way Lyanna looked at Rhaegar, he knew.  But his story is definitely not tied to Ashara’s, at least not in that way.  In that they both knew too much about the Rebellion, which led them off of our screens? Absolutely.  But not romantically, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.  

Furthermore: where would George find the time to somehow write that reveal?
I give you time to ponder on that one!

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