Anonymous asked: I was listening to last weeks girls gone canon and I really liked what you started to say about sandor and tommen, can you elaborate

hey! First off, thanks so much for listening. We appreciate it! 

(And of course, for those reading, be sure to check out Eliana from r/asoiaf & Maester Monthly and mine’s podcast, Girls Gone Canon, where we are going through ASOIAF POV by POV)

Okay, that plug said, 

Regarding Joffrey’s relationship with Sandor, Eliana pointed out that Joffrey seems to think that Sandor is the cool adult – the badass with the scar he probably got from some wicked battle, the warrior he wants to be more like.  

When the irony is, Sandor finds himself rooting for Tommen during Joffrey’s nameday tourney.  Sandor relates to Tommen, because Tommen is the victim of abuse that adults know about and do nothing about, much like he dealt with growing up.

Sansa found herself possessed of a queer giddy courage. “You should go with her,” she told the king. “Your brother might be hurt.”

Joffrey shrugged. “What if he is?”

“You should help him up and tell him how well he rode.” Sansa could not seem to stop herself.

“He got knocked off his horse and fell in the dirt,” the king pointed out. “That’s not riding well.”

“Look,” the Hound interrupted. “The boy has courage. He’s going to try again.” – ACOK, Sansa I

So, of course, comparing this to AFFC:

“The world is full of horrors, Tommen. You can fight them, or laugh at them, or look without seeing … go away inside.”

Tommen considered that. “I … I used to go away inside sometimes.” he confessed, “when Joffy … ”

“Joffery.” Cersei stood over them, the wind whipping her skirts around her legs. “Your brother’s name was Joffrey. He would never have shamed me so.”

We learn – which, I suppose we already knew – that Joffrey more than likely abused Tommen in ways we did not see on screen/page, so it’s more than easy to assume that Sandor Clegane sees Joffrey and Tommen the same way that he saw his brother and his self; he sees Joffrey as the abusing bully, like Gregor, pushing powerless Tommen’s face to the flame.  And sure, maybe the line is a throwaway that encompasses all of the bullying that Tommen dealt with in general, but lest we forget another royal who seemed to treat his younger brother like crap:

“You won’t hurt Daeron, though,” the boy said. “He told you he’d fall down. And Aerion … I remember, when I was little, he used to come into my bedchamber at night and put his knife between my legs. He had too many brothers, he’d say, maybe one night he’d make me his sister, then he could marry me. He threw my cat in the well too. He says he didn’t, but he always lies.” – The Hedge Knight

  In interrupting Joffrey’s train of thought, Sandor uses the power that he, as a hulking, 6′7 warrior has finally obtained, over Joffrey to not only divert him from his further Sansa abuse, but also to stand up for the under dog (ha ha ha get it) of the family.  

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